Day 04- Favorite Ending Song

笑い飛ばして 光探すよ
even if the darkness in my world calls out to me
I’ll smile, take flight, and search for a light.

I love that line so much. 万事屋っぽいでしょ? さらに、

it’s true that tomorrow isn’t as clear as today,
but i’ll go out on a journey so that I can find an answer.

yup. this is the perfect song for Gintama. it completely fits into the theme and mood of the show - it reflects on the mysteries and complexities of life, but in an optimistic, cheery, carefree way. tbqh I was going to choose 風船ガム since it’s the first ending and its lyrics do fit appropriately into the series, but song-wise, this is it for me. ❤

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